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Since its creation in 1985 the 1-Computer company has for main goal to find innovating solutions and to stay up to date with the latest technology advances both in hardware and software. As being an SaaS -1-Computer proposes online software Web2.0 / Web3.0 by dealing with all the necessary data-processing infrastructure and the services of support. Activate as well in the sale and the server installation as in Ra&D and the formation, the 1-Computer company counts on a dynamic team specialized since many years in the field of the Open Source.

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Google CEO defines Web3.0
...He called Web 2.0 as nothing but a marketing term and equated it to AJAX and related technologies however he went out to define the next generation web or Web 3.0 as "small" applications that are pieced together that can run on any device...
Eric Schmidt CEO Google 06. 2007

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